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Auto-Tune – Friend or Foe?

Content Update: 17/02/2017
Most of us know about Auto-Tune and how it has helped make many ‘bad’ singers sound great. On the other hand, most people agree that Auto-Tune has ruined ‘true’ music by letting every average Joe become a great singer. Jikes! I rather be gambling at Zodiac Casino than listening to those ‘tune artists’..

What is Auto-Tune?

Auto-Tune is an audio processor that was released in 1997 by Antares Audio Technologies. The technology came as a plug-in that most major software houses could put into their software. It allowed for small mistakes in a singer’s voice to be corrected.

The plug-in relies heavily on complex algorithms to synthesize the data from audio files. Once broken down, a song could be easily changed. In fact, practically any aspect of a song could be changed. Your voice could be made to sound old, robotic, new or even young. There truly is no limit to what this software can do.
Unfortunately, the plug-in has become so widely and heavily used that it is now being used to even make bad singers sound good. If you have even a little music talent in you, your voice can be altered to sound great.

The Advantages

Auto-Tune is a great audio processor that allows singers to fix a few notes and make their music sound better. In other words, any note that is slightly off-key can be changed and made into a harmonic tone. In essence, it is a plug-in that aimed at making the sound coming out of a good singer’s mouth seem almost perfect.
When a singer is not having a good day or has a sore throat, Auto-Tune can be used to fix the small inaccuracies in the singing. This saves record companies a lot of time and money.

The Problem

Many mainstream singers started using Auto-Tune a lot more than they should have. Instead of correcting for inaccuracies in their voice, they started synthesizing their voice to make it sound ‘a little different’. Soon, a good majority of any single song was being Auto-Tuned; it was clearly audible. This has gotten so out of hand that many record companies Auto-Tune entire songs. Mega vault Millionaire was recently released and its super popular right now, to read more visit

Although Auto-Tune may seem like a friend at many times, it is really our foe. Instead of a small number of high quality singers and composers in the music industry, it is now saturated with a substantial number of Auto-Tuners. This has severely degraded the quality of music that the industry produces.

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