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How Can Music Make Gambling Entertaining?

Music is a form of sound, presented in a structured manner to attract the audience. The major feature which isolates music from other sounds and noises is the rhythm. Music has the capacity to affect the moods and emotions of the listener because of its rhythm and theme. It is often said that music has no language. As a result of that, people of all ages, cultures, genders, and ethnicity can enjoy music.

Music is used in different industries in different ways. The gambling industry is the one in which music is used extensively. Earlier, musical sounds were used in casinos only to celebrate the victorious of gamblers and to persuade more players towards playing games. Nowadays, music is played continuously in casinos irrespective of the wins or losses of the players. In order to win games in the gambling industry, a gambler should have a pleasant mood. The gambling industry uses different tactics to create such a pleasant mood among the gamblers. Music is one way of creating such a mood among fortune seekers. For example, casino slot games are one of the most favorite games for gamblers all over the world. The developers of these games use music themes effectively to attract more gamblers into playing and make their experience the best. Casinos such as the ones available at are a perfect example of what you can find these days. Graphics, designs and sounds are getting better and better.

There are different types of music like soft and hard. However, music with soft karaoke and beats with classic melodies are normally used in the casino centers because of the ability of this type of music in relaxing the mind. The purpose of music is not only to attract gamblers towards games but also to keep the gamblers playing as long as possible. Some gamblers may spend long periods of time in casinos even when they lose consistently because of the effects of music. The pleasant atmosphere in the casinos will help gamblers to forget about loses and continue playing the games more and more. The ultimate aim of the gambling industry is to empty the pockets of the gamblers as much as possible. In other words, the success of any casino depends on its ability to keep the gamblers playing as long as possible.

Music has the uncanny ability to make an individual calm. Those who with an agitated mind usually become calmer when they hear the suitable music. Music therapy is used even for curing some of the mental diseases because of its calming effect. In casinos, players usually suffer big losses and big wins. Music is suitable for both the occasions. Winners will celebrate their victory whereas the losers keep their mind cooler and calmer with the help of the music. Thus, music in casinos is welcomed by all players.
People usually visit casinos to spend their leisure time. In the absence of music and dances, the atmosphere in the casinos may become extremely dull and mechanical. People who visit casinos like to enjoy their life as much as possible. They may not care too much about the wins or losses. Their primary aim while visiting a casino will be to get some entertainment. A good way to entertained yourself is to play slot machines at Get the best games and best online casino reviews.

In short, music helps the gambling industry in many ways. It attracts more players towards casinos and keeps them there as long as possible. Wins and losses will not matter to players if they get a pleasant atmosphere in the casinos. Music helps casinos to create a pleasant atmosphere and thereby attract more players towards them.…

Auto-Tune – Friend or Foe?

Content Update: 17/02/2017
Most of us know about Auto-Tune and how it has helped make many ‘bad’ singers sound great. On the other hand, most people agree that Auto-Tune has ruined ‘true’ music by letting every average Joe become a great singer. Jikes! I rather be gambling at Zodiac Casino than listening to those ‘tune artists’..

What is Auto-Tune?

Auto-Tune is an audio processor that was released in 1997 by Antares Audio Technologies. The technology came as a plug-in that most major software houses could put into their software. It allowed for small mistakes in a singer’s voice to be corrected.

The plug-in relies heavily on complex algorithms to synthesize the data from audio files. Once broken down, a song could be easily changed. In fact, practically any aspect of a song could be changed. Your voice could be made to sound old, robotic, new or even young. There truly is no limit to what this software can do.
Unfortunately, the plug-in has become so widely and heavily used that it is now being used to even make bad singers sound good. If you have even a little music talent in you, your voice can be altered to sound great.

The Advantages

Auto-Tune is a great audio processor that allows singers to fix a few notes and make their music sound better. In other words, any note that is slightly off-key can be changed and made into a harmonic tone. In essence, it is a plug-in that aimed at making the sound coming out of a good singer’s mouth seem almost perfect.
When a singer is not having a good day or has a sore throat, Auto-Tune can be used to fix the small inaccuracies in the singing. This saves record companies a lot of time and money.

The Problem

Many mainstream singers started using Auto-Tune a lot more than they should have. Instead of correcting for inaccuracies in their voice, they started synthesizing their voice to make it sound ‘a little different’. Soon, a good majority of any single song was being Auto-Tuned; it was clearly audible. This has gotten so out of hand that many record companies Auto-Tune entire songs. Mega vault Millionaire was recently released and its super popular right now, to read more visit

Although Auto-Tune may seem like a friend at many times, it is really our foe. Instead of a small number of high quality singers and composers in the music industry, it is now saturated with a substantial number of Auto-Tuners. This has severely degraded the quality of music that the industry produces.

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Garth Brooks Is Coming Back With a New Album

Garth Brooks, one of the highest-selling country artists in the history of the genre, has announced information on his brand new album. He announced that his new album will be called Man Against Machine and that it will be released on November 11.

He also released a shot of the cover to the new album. The cover is a simple picture of Brooks himself in sunglasses with one of the his famous trademark hats.


This marks a major comeback for Brooks. While this is his ninth studio album, it is also the first that he has made since he released Scarecrow all the way back in 2001.

Brooks was inspired heavily by the struggles of the human race over the past decade. He feels that people in general have been working hard to try and keep their individuality and to go after their dreams even as the world of machines and technology continue to take over and permeate society. Brooks wants to send out the message that people should never give up on their dreams even as society starts to make it all the more challenging for them to keep their dreams healthy and happy.

The album can be pre-ordered through his website or through Ghost Tunes. Garth Brooks is still one of the most notable holdouts from the iTunes service (iTunes also has a lot of mobile casino apps). is a new music download site that Brooks has been a strong supporter of. The site is offering a special bundle deal that includes all of his prior albums plus some videos. Visitors can also get access to People Loving People, his new single, off of the site. The bonus song Send ‘Em On Down the Road is also featured on the site. A few live performances from his past can also be found here. This is all included on the system alongside many different recordings.

Garth Brooks also announced a few dates on his current tour. He has spent much of his time in the last few years holding multiple-date residencies at various concert venues around the country. Brooks announced four new dates at the Target Center in Minneapolis. He will be performing four times from November 6-13. This is in addition to the two shows on November 14 and 15 at the Target Center that were already announced.

Brooks will also be at the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville for six songs from October 10-18. He also has shows at the Rupp Arena in Lexington on October 31 and November 1.

Brooks’ wife, fellow country music star Trisha Yearwood, will be opening for him at all of his shows.

In a related story, there are no developments at this time as to whether or not he will reschedule the five shows that he was going to hold in Ireland. Brooks was in a dispute with the Dublin City Council over the licensing deals that would come about with the shows. He was going to play in Dublin in late July and sold 400,000 tickets to those shows before they were canceled.…

Kanye Celebrates a New Baby and a New Album

k-jpgThe headline grabbing and often controversial antics of American recording artist and record producer Kanye West have in the past overshadowed his musical contributions. If Kanye were to come up in a word association game most people would immediately blurt “Taylor Swift!” because of his ridiculous but very memorable interruption at the Grammys. Kanye’s relationship with Kim Kardashian (referred to collectively as “Kimye” in tabloids) has also drawn considerable attention to his personal rather than professional life. The couple welcomed a baby girl into the world just a few days ago and fans are still eagerly awaiting news of the baby’s name and pictures of Kimye’s brand new daughter. But with the release of Kanye’s sixth and newest album, Yeezus, people are finally talking about Kanye’s musical talent rather than his lack of social graces.

In fact, some critics are already calling Yeezus “the biggest album of the year”. But before you rush out the door to purchase your very own copy, you should be warned that although the album is indeed making a big splash it clearly isn’t music to everyone’s ears. You can expect the same level of sexually explicit lyrics as in Kanye’s other albums as well as musical representation of himself as a god-like figure (humility has never been his strong suit). But of course Kanye fans anticipate that about his music and it’s actually a crucial part of his unique brand. What really has some people cringing and shaking their heads in distaste is his choice to use Parkinson’s disease as a punch line in a lyric in his new album which is being called “ignorant”. Ironically, this new Kanye focused controversy may actually work in his favor by increasing interest in his album.

You can secure your own copy of Yeezus through Kanye’s website.…

James Blake enthralls audiences at Terminal 5

James_Blake_-09473As 24-year-old James Blake walked on to stage, there was a chorus of whistles, shouts and screams from his fan following, comprising mostly of young women. However, we could spot quite a few not-so-young faces among the fully-packed sold-out crowd. Terminal 5, a huge 3000 capacity venue near New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, was packed to capacity by evening. While others were buying their Larouv watches, James Blake was playing up a storm to the appreciative crowds. A tanned and smiling Blake greeted his audience with a wave and slipped behind a piano on the right side of the stage. With his carefully disheveled auburn hair, Blake appeared to be enjoying himself and gave a thoroughly enjoyable performance.

“Retrograde”, the lead single from his album “Overgrown”, earned him kudos from the mainstream audience, in addition to his established niche audience. A combination synthesizer/guitarist and a drummer accompanied Blake and the trio held audience captive for most of the performance. There were a few hiccups, due to a faulty drum machine which had to be fixed several times. Blake also failed to get the audience to shake and get moving, but then his intricate ballad-like music is not that dance-friendly. His shy manner of talking and pained voice adds to the mood of his songs.

Other than this, he succeeded in mesmerizing his audience. A part of the audience got a bit noisy in between and the rest of the crowd tried to shush them. But Blake remained in control and smilingly asked for quiet. The performance on Tuesday proved that James Blake, as a star has arrived and is here to stay.

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JAMES BLAKE – RETROGRADE from martin de thurah on Vimeo. Download the video with the Pro Video Downloader Plugin.…

‘Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead’ Fails to Reach UK Singles Chart No.1

Recent death of the former British Prime Minister Lady Thatcher has raised a lot of controversy in the music world – at least when it comes to UK. The most notorious reaction to stem from her death was certainly the campaign to make “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” reach UK singles chart No.1 – with the implied dedication to late Thatcher.

Of course, the song itself never originated as an anti-Thatcher number. “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” is not the title of the latest slot machine, but it actually dates from the famous Wizard of Oz musical, which launched Judy Garland’s career back in the 1930’s.


Despite the innocence of the song itself, the deliberate campaign to make it reach No.1 in the current circumstances placed BBC in a difficult situation. The pressures were strong – one side was outraged by the campaign, the other cried out against censorship. BBC chose to take the middle road, stating they will play a short clip of a song along with an explanation of its rise in popularity. However, the whole song was not to be played.

“Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” in the end failed to actually reach the top of the UK singles chart, leaving its supporters disappointed and its opponents relieved. “Need U (100 percent)” by Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E took the number one spot.

The curious thing is that UK singles chart’s demographic is typically young. An interesting commentary on this phenomenon of “parents invading their children’s territory” was made by Neil McCormick of Telegraph.

During her years as Prime Minister, Thatcher provoked many British musicians into voicing their revolt the best way they can – through song. The most popular examples include Morrissey and Elvis Costello, both of whom have never been shy to express their disdain for Thatcher.

The funeral for Margaret Thatcher will be held on April 17.…

Psy to unveil “Gangnam Style” follow-up in April

It was nearly impossible to go through year 2012 without hearing the viral hit “Gangnam Style”. The song, along with its catchy and funny video, turned the South Korean singer and entertainer Psy into a global pop superstar.

Psy_performs_on_TODAY_t588Now, Psy has announced via his official Twitter account that a “Gangnam Style” follow-up will be released on April 13! It will be interesting to see how this new single will do with the audience. The curiosity and expectations are definitely high.

Last year, Psy has admitted that he feels under lot of pressure, and that creating a new single will take a lot of effort. Clearly, it will be very difficult to overcome the success of “Gangnam Style” – something Psy is well aware of.

The upcoming single is set to arrive in style: Psy is to hold a concert in Seoul the very day of the release. His international fans will be happy to learn that the concert will also be broadcast on YouTube.

So far, all we know is that the new song will be in English. This might help its popularity, but as “Gangnam Style” showed us, even the language barrier is not insurmountable when the song is catchy enough. In fact, the phrase “oppan Gangnam Style” has even entered the last year’s Yale Book of Quotations!

One can’t help but wonder what Psy’s next single will be like. Will it be another parody? Will it have a trademark funny dance just like “Gangnam Style” did? The answers are to arrive in April!…

Daft Punk’s New Album to be Released in Spring

It’s been a while since Daft Punk released a studio album. “Human After All” has seen the light of day all the way back in 2005, and while the fans enjoyed duo’s “Alive 2007” and Tron: Legacy soundtrack, it wasn’t quite the same as getting a new full length studio album.

music-daft-punk-12116Well, it’s been a long wait looking for new stuff, but it seems that the French DJ duo will soon give us more fresh beats for our eardrums!

The rumours of a forthcoming album started flying around in 2012, and were at first denied by Daft Punk. However, interview after interview, musicians such as Paul Williams and Nile Rodgers, as well as the disco producer Giorgio Moroder, kept admitting that they were collaborating with the duo on a new project.

Finally, in January 2013, Nile Rodgers threw a clear hint that Daft Punk’s new album will be arriving in stores this spring. This was then topped by the news that Daft Punk has just signed the record deal with Columbia Records.

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter haven’t yet released an official statement confirming the news, buy they haven’t denied this either. Not surprising, given their reclusive ways. All things considered, their new album seems to be on the way, and it will be interesting to hear their take at the electronic music scene today. After all, the trends are constantly changing – and knowing Daft Punk, we’re inclined to think their return on the electronic music scene will be as innovating as always.

While Daft Punk’s official website remains mysteriously quiet, you can follow the latest news on them via a Daft Punk Fansite.

For those who cannot wait, have a listen to this interesting remix of the Tron soundtrack here:

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What Can We Expect From Justin Timberlake’s Comeback Album?

Earlier this January, Justin Timberlake released a brand new single, his first since 2006! The single “Suit & Tie”, featuring JAY Z, was accompanied by Timberlake’s open letter to the fans, in which he announced a new album – “The 20/20 Experience” – due out in 2013 on RCA Records.

jt-306v-1358169916“Suit & Tie” introduces us to a more mature Timberlake, this time leaning toward the pop/soul sound. Urban and catchy, essentially it still sounds like the singer/songwriter we know so well, but it also makes one speculate about what we can expect from JT’s third solo album.

Thinking about it, this could easily be the most interesting Timberlake’s album so far. After all, he has just spent years showing off his talent for comedy sketches in Saturday Night Live, as well as building up his acting career. In fact, even this year he is scheduled to appear in three films: Inside Llewyn Davis, The Last Drop and Runner, Runner. In other words, the main reason for his return to music surely must be – as JT himself notes – his love for music itself!

From the way the album was announced, with teasers and a cheerful open letter, it seems that this time around we’re getting a relaxed, playful Timberlake, not the high roller from before. All grown up and married he may be, but he still knows how to have fun when it comes to creating music! Now all that’s left is to hope we will have as much fun listening to “The 20/20 Experience” once it’s out.

You can hear “Suit & Tie” on JT’s official YouTube channel:

…be sure to follow his Twitter feed for more updates: @jtimberlake…

Lyrics or Music – What has the Industry Come to?

It’s safe to say that most people think that the music industry is dead. To most however, that is just a matter of perception. What most music lovers will tell you is that music is dead because there is no ‘feeling’ and decent lyrics in songs anymore. On the other hand, a 16-year old girl will probably tell you that new songs have a crazy beat to it. So what is the industry leaning towards? Music or lyrics?


With the introduction of Auto-Tune, the music industry has changed significantly. Auto-Tune is special software that was designed to make small changes to a song. In other words, it was made to fix small inaccuracies in the tone of a singer’s voice. Unfortunately, it is being overused in literally hundreds of songs. What’s interesting is that people love it.

This means that music is going more to the side of music with synthesized voices. This helps produce songs with a more in-depth feel.

It’s all about the Benjamins

Record companies have changed dramatically with time. Gone are the days when an album was heavily marketed (which cost millions). All that is required is a catchy tune, a nice music video and a social network update. Voila! Now you are making more money than ever before.
Previously, songs were truly inspiring. They had very meaningful lyrics with a brilliant backdrop. This helped connect music lovers with the songs they were listening to. This created a huge fan base that was used to drive sales. However, music was thus created slowly. The story and the lyrics themselves had to be great otherwise; a song or album wouldn’t sell.

Nowadays, pure lyrical songs get very little recognition. What most record companies are aiming for is catchy tunes that go viral. The song gets stuck in people’s head and they decide to buy the song. This generates the most sales and hence, the most profit. This can be easily seen in the hip-hop genre where most agree that sex (rather than connection, meaning full lyrics and a story) sells.
From good singers and meaningful lyrics to synthesized voices and a great beat, it seems that the music industry has truly changed. The interesting thing is that most people are evolving with the industry and love the new songs mainly due to the amazing music in the songs. Most songs have a beat that you just want to get up and dance to.…